Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's the deal

I don't moderate comments. I don't get enough to worry about and almost all have been on point and respectful. I've noticed that I am attracting a few more spammy comments and at least on company that sells a NSFW product has posted numerous spam comments. For now, I am going to leave the situation alone. Rather than moderate comments, I'll assume everyone understands that anonymous comments don't come from me. If it does get worse, I'll move to moderating comments.

Unless anyone can tell me whether I can block comments from a specific visitor in Blogger. That would be the better solution.


Boskage said...

Don't feel bad Larry...the Wizard gets some SPAM too!

Song Yeh said...

Hi Larry,

My name is Song, I work at a big retail company and would like to pick your brains if you will.

I have a shipment in China customs and they are declaring the shipment as shorts but they are in fact pants (definition is that pants are anything below the kneecap). All my specs prove them to be pants but they are disagreeing.

What can I do to fight this and who can I ask to help in this case?

Thanks for your time,

Song said...

Sorry my email address is