It Must Be The Holiday Season

Customs has seized a $1.6 million in counterfeit toys. The merchandise included "knockoff" Barbie dolls and riding toys with unauthorized Jeep labels. Here is the news story.

IN a separate event, Customs and Border Protection seized $1.7 million in merchandise bearing counterfeit sports team logos. Wayla-guy would be offended to know that Cubs logos were included among the counterfeits. Here is that news story.

Normally, I would not post simple news reports on seizures. But, I just taught on this topic last night. So, this is to let my student know that these things really happen in the real world. My student, I hope, also now understand how very difficult it can be for a good faith buyer to differentiate between a counterfeit and legitimately imported gray-market goods. For all you budding retail entrepreneurs, note that this is a risky business.


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