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2020 Was a Year

I am often amused when someone says "It goes without saying . . ." and then goes ahead and says it anyway. Nevertheless, I am going to do that very thing. It goes without saying that 2020 was a strange year. For many, it was tragic and sad. The world had to cope with COVID-19 and the resulting deaths, illnesses, isolation, and economic fallout. Some also experienced terrible property loss and environmental damage from wildfires and other natural disasters. All of that happened during the least civil time in American politics in my memory and ongoing culture clashes along the seams in the American population including education levels, rural versus urban, and racial and religious groups. For the trade community, the last four years have been unlike any we can remember. You have faced threats for a unilateral withdrawal from NAFTA, Section 232 duties on steel and aluminum, Section 301 duties on products from China, and the too-fast transition to the the U.S.-Mexico-United State