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The "Treatment" of Bicycle Seats

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has pedaled into the controversy over the classification of children's bicycle seats. In this context, that means extra seats that can be attached to a bicycle to carry a child as a passenger, as opposed to seats (or "saddles" for children's bicycles). The underlying dispute is whether such seats are classifiable as seats of Heading 9401 (duty free) or as bicycle accessories of 8714.99.8000, which are subject to a 10% rate of duty. The CAFC opinion in Kent International, Inc. v. United States is, however, not about the classification itself. Rather, it is about what to make of Customs' handling of entries of this merchandise and whether that handling constitutes a legally enforceable "treatment." Kent, it appears, is an importer trying to do this right. In 2005 it received a binding ruling from CBP stating that the seats should be classified as bike accessories in Heading 8714. After that, including between A