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CIT: Tools of Trade Are Not for Sale

This is the last post covering cases from 2021. I can't say I am sad about seeing the end of 2021. Thank you all for reading my posts here and following me on  Twitter . Here’s hoping all of you have a happy, safe, and professionally satisfying new year.  The case of the day is  Porsche Motorsport North America, Inc. v. United States , in which the plaintiff sought to secure duty-free entry for certain merchandise under HTSUS item 9801.00.85, which covers “[p]rofessional books, implements, instruments, and tools of trade, occupation, or employment, when returned to the United States after having been exported for use temporarily abroad, if imported by or for the account of the person who exported such items.” The items in question were vehicle parts exported from the U.S. to Canada by Porsche in a trailer to be stationed at Porsche team racing events in Canada. According to Porsche, it exported the trailer to "promote the Porsche brand" by providing parts to participants