2009 Counterfeit Goods Statistics

Customs and Border Protection has posted its annual report on the seizure of counterfeit merchandise. Here are some highlights:
  • Almost 15,000 seizures of counterfeit merchandise
  • The seizures amounted to $260 million in domestic value
  • There was a small decline in seizures, which was far smaller than the decline in overall imports
  • China was the leading source for counterfeits
  • Footwear was the leading commodity seized
Here is a link to the full report.


Also from report:
2009 is the first year total value of seizures passed the total value of trade.

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Rajesh said…
I have gone through the post,really informative on counterfeit, yes china is the leading country in counterfeiting the products.To avoid this kind of counterfeiting we need to adopt anti-counterfeiting solutions

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