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Interest and Disclosures

The Court of International Trade decision in Otter Products, LLC addresses a novel question about how loss of revenue is calculated in the context of a prior disclosure. Grab a snack, this is complicated.  First, for anyone who needs a reminder: An importer that makes a material false statement or omission in connection with the entry of merchandise as a result of negligence, gross negligence, or fraud has violated 19 U.S.C. 1592 and is, therefore, susceptible to penalties. Penalties can be severe, up to two times any unpaid duties when the violation results from negligence and four times the unpaid duties when the violation results from gross negligence. Plus, the importer must pay the duties. In the case of fraud, the penalty is up to the domestic value of the merchandise, which is the entered value plus duties and other adjustments to try to get an approximate retail value in the United States. Given that the statute of limitations is five years, this can add up very quickly. Oddl

Value Allowances for Defects

 If you are bothering to read this blog, you likely know that most goods entering the United States are appraised on the basis of transaction value, which is the total price paid or payable for the merchandise when sold for export to the United States. For most transactions, that means the invoice price. But, the invoice price is usually based on some underlying assumptions about the nature of the goods. For example, if I order 1000 buckets for $250, I am doing so with the expectation that the buckets will actually hold water without leaking. When I enter the buckets, I will declare $250 as transaction value because, at that point, I still think the buckets will not leak. Customs will assess duty on the buckets using $250 as the value. In the ordinary course, that is how things should work. Creative Commons License Every now and then, things go haywire; and the buckets leak.  Now what? The customs regulations provide an opportunity to secure a refund of the excess duties paid on the fu