Lobsters, Take 3

I should read my own blog.

Apparently, I know all about how lobsters are processed at Canadian plants. See this post for background.

Image via Amazon. Go buy a can of Maine Goodness.


Anonymous said…
Larry - that's good stuff. Was the canned lobster meat labeled "origin US & Canada"?

The only way around that would be to initiate an inventory management method to determine Canada Lobster meat versus US lobster meat, which is not practical? JLO
Anonymous said…
Good stuff Larry. Was the can labeled "origin US and Canada"?

Larry said…
Well, I'm not sure about that. This would be a NAFTA marking case, not an origin case. The meat was all processed in Canada. Without actually looking at the NAFTA Marking Rules in Part 102, I'd guess that the country of origin for marking purposes in Canada. If part of the meat were from, say Australia, and the question were origin, then an inventory management system might be necessary.

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