Heavens! Some Caviar Imports Banned

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has banned the importation of beluga sturgeon caviar (and meat) originating in the Black Sea basin. This comes as a blow to luxury buyers in the U.S. who have already been suffering with a ban on these products from the Caspian. This move, consistent with the Convention on the International Traffic in Endangered Species, is intended to force the exporting countries to make progress in implementing conservation programs for the endangered fish.

Of course, the fact that caviar comes from this fish, might make it less appealing. There is a lovely description of the production process here. It might be more than you want to know that the fish is stunned once by a blow to the head with a wooden club, then stunned again before it is cut open.

This ban also covers personal importations with arriving passengers. First, the Concorde is put out of service. Now some beluga caviar is banned. What's next; a tax on polo ponies?


Howard said…
Thank goodness..can't stand the nasty stuff..
Anonymous said…
But it's such a lovely looking fish. Can't we get aquarium enthusiasts to start raising them?

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