Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Overdue Updates

I promised to get back to you on two things that I did not do.  I've been criticized in blog comments before for this, and I realize I should be careful about it.  On the other hand, it is my blog and sometimes I lose interest in something.

I have updated my post on the decision regarding the Byrd Amendment by adding a comment summarizing the dissenter's analysis.  Frankly, I think it makes a lot of sense.  That post is here, check the comments for the short update.

Regarding the case against the sureties, it turns out that I have direct dealings with lots of people on both sides of the case and may have a possible interest myself.  So, you're not going to get anything more on that at least for a while.

OK?  Are we up to date?  I hope so.  Trust me, when I say I'll get back to something I have every intention of doing so.  But, in the great scheme of things blogging sometimes has to move down the list of priorities.

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