Thursday, April 23, 2009

No New NAFTA Negotiations

I think I already tweeted this (  I'm finding it difficult to figure out what to blog and what to just tweet.  Tweets are more toss-off little items that don't merit a blog post.  On the other hand, sometimes a simple link to some news item is important and should get a blog post.  We'll muddle through.  Just be glad I am not yet podcasting or vlogging, although I do have a nice web cam . . . .

Anyway, several press outlets have reported that the Obama administration has signaled that there is no need to open negotiations to strengthen NAFTA.  This article from The Star indicates that the countries will look for ways to strengthen the Agreement without renegotiation.  

I think the best possible translation of that is: we will focus on enforcement.  Maybe it also means that legislative moves toward enhanced Trade Adjustment Assistance will get a bigger push from the White House.

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Matt said...

I don't know many people in Washington who considered the campaign pledge to "re-negotiate NAFTA" (in Ohio and Pa, as I recall) to be anything other than a campaign pledge. According to press reports last year, the Canadians saw it the same way. But as you suggest, serious steps can be taken without re-opening the agreement, as the lumber fees and trucking dispute/Mexican retaliation have proven.