Monday, October 30, 2006

Updates on Nothing

I am back from Canada. The fine folks at ieCanada throw a nice annual meeting. Next week, I am moderating a panel at the Judicial Conference of the Court of International Trade. Although talking to a room full of lawyers is never as much fun as talking to real people, it should be a good program.

In the category of sure signs that the ecosystem is a mess I note the following. First, a skunk has recently taken up residence in my yard. I have seen him (I assume it is male) three times in the past month. Most recently, he walked right up onto my back deck.

Second, my new garbage pails are being gnawed and whatever is doing it is smart enough to go right for the locking mechanism. Lastly, outside my office today, hanging upside down (as one would expect) on a concrete step, was a small bat. At first, I thought it was a dead bird but it was clearly covered in fur, not feathers. Also, it had tiny little claw at the top (because it was upside down). It was a bat. This sounds like the opening sequence in a 1960's horror movie. By the end of the week, I expect to be cowering under a steel water trough while dog-sized shrews nip at my ankles.

And, finally, in an effort to retain some sense of professionalism and topical content for this blog, here is a link to a transcript of a C-SPAN interview with Commissioner Basham.


Anonymous said...

In the event that jr. becomes fascinated w/ skunk, as any youngster might, tomato juice neutralizes the odor.

And, should you get any ideas that you might want to neutralize the bat, I believe bats are protected in IL.

Larry F. said...

Neutralize the bat? Obviously Anonymous does not recognize the naturalist in me. Every time I run across some example of urban or suburban fauna, I take to it like Darwin to a tortise. I view each of these as an exercise in natural history. Except the gnawed up cans which I chalk up to cryptozoology. Calling Loren Coleman!

Anonymous said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, anonymous stepped over a 'roach on the way to work today.

Bruce said...

Hi Larry,

Great talking with you at the conference. We sat together at lunch.

Appreciated your U.S. view on the penalty system during your presentation with Greg.

Take care,

Bruce W. White
A & A Contract Customs Brokers Ltd.

Larry F. said...

Thanks, Bruce. I felt like that presentation went at a lighning pace but I am glad you thought it was useful. I also enjoyed chatting at lunch.

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