Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What Do You Want From Me?

Right now, I am having editorial issues. Frankly, I have a bunch of blog-worthy material piled up. I need some time to sort through it and decide what to address. Or, in the alternative, I might do a series of very quick summaries and send you on your way with a link. It depends, I guess, on how I feel.

For one thing, keep in mind that the web site of my law firm, Barnes, Richardson & Colburn, covers a lot of this in a more timely manner. I encourage you who visit here, to make a habit of visiting there regularly. So, I will leave it to the crack web master at BR&C to cover the news that Customs has extended the deadline for filing a C-TPAT supply chain security profile to October 1.

Another interesting thing happening is a renewed focus on intellectual property enforcement at the border. Customs made an announcement that it is working to support the US-EU Action Strategy for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. At about the same time, the new USTR announced a new focus on the protection of US intellectual property rights in foreign markets.

Guatemala is now functioning as a CAFTA-DR country. On June 28, the government of Peru approved the Trade Promotion Agreement with the US.

Judge Carman has likely given heartburn to every customhouse broker in the U.S. Judge Ridgeway has given something similar to the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Judge Musgrave has given us all renewed hope that maybe someday CBP will mitigate the interest in a prior disclosure case. And Ford? Well, Ford is not having a good run of luck at the moment. Oh, and nice effort trying to get the Court of Federal Claims to refund antidumping duties.

My goal is to cover these court cases in greater detail. I'll see what I can do.

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Paul Vandevert said...

Larry: Just fell upon your blog. I like it a lot. Yes, Judge Goldberg dished up another serving of our usual losses in court, but this week we seemed to have turned a corner. Judge Duggan in the ED Michigan dismissed an APTA forfeiture case and Ford filed suit under FOIA against Customs over their refusal to disclose our compliance record. At least this week has been some fun. And, btw, we've moved for reconsideration with Judge Goldberg. Paul Vandevert