What's Happening

This is just a reminder that I am still here, in case you were wondering. I have been on the lookout for something interest to post. Lately, there have been slim pickings.

The ACLU is pursuing another lawsuit challenging Customs and Border Protection's policy and practice of relating to searches of digital storage devices including laptops and phones at the border. Here is their press release. I wish them luck, but they have a very tough legal row to hoe. The advantage that the ACLU has in its case is that the plaintiff is a much more sympathetic character than the child porn smuggler usually caught up in these cases.

On top of that, I should alert you to a couple upcoming speaking gigs, both NAFTA related.

First, I will be talking about NAFTA verifications at the International Trade Club of Chicago on Friday, September 24. Then, I am really excited to be doing a full-day presentation on NAFTA, internal reviews, and planning for compliance for the Midwest Global Trade Association in the Minneapolis area. If you are reading this and attend either event, please be sure to introduce yourself to me.

Last thing, I've been getting a relatively large number of spam comments lately. Rather than turn on comment moderation, I plan to ignore them. Please do the same.


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