Reminder from BIS: We Don't Do Jurisdiction

In one my rare forays into blogging on exports, I will point out this reminder from the Bureau of Industry and Security. This interim final rule will amend the Export Administration Regulations to clarify that CCATS determinations by BIS only tell the applicant the relevant ECCN for the product. Having it classified for export purposes, however, does not mean the product is actually subject to the EAR. Currently, BIS does not issue jurisdiction rulings as the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) does for ITAR.

The Federal Register notice solicits comments on this rule. Perhaps the thing that might be valuable to tell BIS is that it should start issuing jurisdiction rulings. Maybe this will be moot if and when the export regimes are merged and there is a single list administered by a single agency. Wouldn't that be nice?


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