Toshiba Tablet Trouble

I have had a tablet PC for a long time. It is an aging Toshiba M200 and I am quite happy with it. So happy, in fact, that I would like to replace it with another tablet. I'd even get another Toshiba, but they are making it hard.

One of the great benefits of a tablet is that it is an easy way to end up with a dual monitor system. With the tablet closed, screen facing out, in its dock, it looks just like a flat panel display. Plug in another monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, and you have a dual monitor system. I like keeping Outlook open on the tablet and my current work on the larger monitor. The dock also cleverly lets me pull the computer down to the table without disconnecting from the dock so I can mark up a document with the stylus.

As best I can tell, no tablet makers are manufacturing compatible vertical docks anymore. That means I can't do this trick and a new tablet is much less appealing. I saw a picture of an HP upright dock, but it apparently it's not for sale.

Am I wrong about this? Are there tablet users out there who can tell me where I can get new tablet that will dock to a port replicator in an upright position with the internal screen usable? This is very frustrating. I like my Toshiba, but if they have failed to recognize the utility in the upright dock, I'm happy to move on to another brand. Anyone from Toshiba want to explain this to me?


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