NYC Seminar

On December 10, 2008 I'll be speaking at a seminar in Manhattan.  It will be me and my partner Rick Van Arnam talking about Customs enforcement, penalties, and compliance.  It's a half day.  The International Compliance Professionals Association is co-sponsoring.  The details are:

December 10, 2008
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Kitano Hotel
66 Park Ave (at 38th)
New York, New York 10016

$50 ICPA Members
$65 Non-members

8:00 Registration and continental breakfast

8:30 Part I – Understanding the risks Commercial Fraud and Section 1592
  • What constitutes a violation
  • Understanding the concept of materiality
  • Quantifying possible exposure
  • The prepenalty/penalty process
  • What is subject to mitigation vs. cancellation
  • The prior disclosure process
Understanding Section 1595(a)
  • When does it apply – admissibility issues, currency,
  • trademarks etc.
  • Understanding the seizure/forfeiture process
  • Avenues of relief from remission to court
Special Situations
  • Demands for redelivery
  • Marking duties
  • Enforcement of other agency’s laws
  • Avenues for relief
  • Record keeping violations and the assessment of penalties
Liquidated Damages flowing from Bond Violations
  • When does this apply
  • What is the process for relief
  • Canceling demands
10:30 BREAK

10:45 Part II – Managing the Risk in Your Global Supply Chain

How can companies safeguard against the types of problems discussed in Part I?

Managing the issues within the company
  • Training
  • Understanding when a possible problem could arise
Driving the compliance measures back to the exporter
  • Training
  • Contracts and indemnity agreements
  • Quality control
11:40 Part III – Reverse Seminar: A group-wide discussion on
the issues and what practices are being implemented to
enhance compliance.

To register send an e-mail to me at  You either send a check or pay at the door.  I'll post an official flyer when I can.


Mr. Micawber said…
I'ts Paul V again. Oh yeah, now you have a workshop on how to handle Customs penalty situation. Where were you and Van Arnum oh say about 8 years and few lifetimes ago? (Grin) Sign me, "Jaded by Experience".

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