Spore Creature

Yes, I am a geek at heart. No, I did not run out and buy Spore. But, I did work on a few creatures with my 7 year old. Here is Bluesox. Don't mess with him.

Am I the only one who's noticed that this is essentially the same game as Sim Earth, which I played 15 years ago? Much better graphics, of course.

UPDATE: Jr. found an Easter Egg in the free download of Spore Creature Creator. In the main screen that shows the galaxy, click and drag to spin the galaxy. If you spin it fast enough, in either direction, a human face pops up. It is Will Wright, the creator of Spore. So, in the context of the game, it is the face of God.


Anonymous said…
So, there really is an Easter bunny. How to explain that?

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