Chris Hayes Recants, I Guess

There is still no NAFTA Superhighway. But, Chris Hayes, who wrote a piece on the myth of the superhighway for The Nation, has apparently had second thoughts about the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Here is an exchange on the topic from his blog, which includes a link to his original article. I am not at all sure what to make of it. Even though it goes against my basic anti-conspiracy theory premise, I am putting it here in an effort to continue dialog (or possibly to fill space).


Anonymous said…
I don't like conspiracy theories, myself. And I don't think the SPP is a conspiracy. But in the same way that, say, the Energy Department or DHS might pursue deleterious policies partly obscured by the complexities of bureaucracy, so, too, is SPP, I'm increasingly convinced. So I haven't recanted. I'm just more convinced that the /substantive agenda/ of the SPP is more objectionable than I had previously believed.
Anonymous said…
Wait, wait, wait. You are "increasingly convinced" because some Canadians had a "day of action?" That's your evidence?

This is why "progressives" have so much trouble actually moving the agenda in the United States. If the NAFTA revolution comes, it will be incrementally made using regulations and Federal Register notices. All in plain sight. It won't be announced as a grand program.

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