Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pre-Break Update

I am going to be off the grid next week (more or less). So, to keep everyone happy while I am gone, here are some things to contemplate:

The House passed its Omnibus Trade Act of 2010 on December 15. The bills contains an 18-month extension of GSP and an 18-month extension of ATPA/ATPDEA but only for Ecuador and Colombia, not for Peru. Here is a link to the bill text. The bill also contains many temporary duty rate reductions. The Senate is expected to take up the bill soon.

The final text of the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement has been published and the USTR is seeking comments on it before February 15.


Matt said...

Pre-recess Update: The duty suspensions will be taken up in January. The Senate let GSP expire as of December 31, and only extended ATPA for 6 weeks. Senator Sessions has problems with sleeping bag tariffs. And yes, all those things are related.

Larry said...

Thanks for the update Matt.