Friday, September 04, 2009

I Have A Blog?

Dear Readers:

Yes, it's true, I have a blog and the self-imposed responsibility to keeping my readers informed of important developments relating to customs and international trade law and to pass on various amusing anecdotes. The problem is that I also have a job. At the moment, I have two jobs because classes have started and I am teaching trade remedies at JMLS again. That takes some time away from blogging.

All of that is by way of excuse and to let you know that I have a stack of cases to review and to post. I'll try and do them shortly.

In the mean time, I sincerely hope you all have an enjoyable long weekend. If you are not in America (where Monday is Labor Day), go ahead and take Monday off anyway. It's the end of summer and we can all use a free day.

If you are in Australia or another southern hemisphere spot, I know it is not the end of summer. You people are just stuck. Go to work on Monday.


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Anonymous said...

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