Monday, July 06, 2009

Twitter is Killing Me

OK, I have bad news for the Twitter side: I like my blog and my blog readers like me. I'm having a hard time balancing both. In the morning, I scour my usual sources to look for items to tweet. In the past, those would have been blog fodder. Well, they need to be again. So, here is a catch up post. After this, I'll do my best to get back to more substantive posts here. Whether that means fewer tweets, we'll have to see.

First thing, according to testimony at a House Committee on Small Business, fraud and lax enforcement of laws relating to textile imports and preference programs is harming U.S. producers. I have no serious reason to doubt this, but I do wonder about what level of diligence can reasonably be expected of importers. I think importers need to spend some time thinking about their purchase order terms and conditions. I'd be looking for enforceable indemnity clauses for civil penalties and associated costs. I'd also try and negotiate a contract that does not require payment until the conditional release period is up. Is that commercially feasible? If you are an 800 pound gorilla in your industry, maybe. Otherwise, maybe not, but it is a place to start.

Second thing, the U.S. and Japan have agreed to provide mutual recognition to their respective cargo security programs. It's not clear exactly when and how this will be implemented.


kbogue said...

Twitter isn't for everyone. Personally, I would rather find good substantive posts in a blog once a day or once every other day than to hear about what someone does every hour of the day. Thanks for focusing your efforts on the substance instead of the latest fad. I appreciate a lot of the new technologies, but sometimes I think we spend too much time communicating the same thing over and over to the detriment of developing something of substance. Good job, Larry!

Anonymous said...

Twitter is stupid. Your blog is very informative, and well written to boot. Leave Twitter to teenage girls and Iranian dissidents and stick to the medium that allows you to type more than 140 characters.