Wednesday, July 29, 2009

UPDATE: In My Head Today


Chicago is an absolutely great city for bike commuting. I rode 20 miles today and do not think I changed gears once. Take that San Francisco! It was about 65 and sunny when I left my house and I had a tail wind most of the way. Locals should note, Lawrence is a mess between California and Western. I almost fell into a hole in which two guys were working on pipes.

For a while, I was behind a middle-aged guy on a beat up Trek in baggy shorts and a RAGBRAI t-shirt. The guy did not appear to be particularly fit, but he was keeping a solid 19-20 MPH pace. That is fast for me. I lost him when I got pinched between a pedestrian with a stroller on the right and a slow moving couple riding side-by-side on the left. So, for being that fast, about my age, and having done the RAGBRAI, I declare him my hero of the day. If it turns out got the shirt second hand, I will retract the accolades.

On another front, I finally caved to pressure and created a Facebook page. Here's my test for who should friend me over there:

If you can define C-TPAT or DIFMER, you belong here not there. Exceptions will be made for people who recognize that work is work and life is life. Sometimes life is messy and embarrassing.

On the other hand, you should join me on FB if:
  • You know why "Working my Wangerin off" is funny,
  • You understand why Snyder, Scott, and Westin are half of a six pack,
  • You've seem me play BB-flat contrabass clarinet,
  • You slept underground in Coober Pedy in 1980,
  • You know why Blaise Pascal is hysterically funny to eighth graders,
  • You can find Lomas Circle on a map, or
  • You could pick me out of a lineup.
Lastly, for a cool look at Chicago history, watch this 1948 film on Wayla-guy's blog.


For those who asked, I can't come up with a good link to get to my Facebook page. I think the prooblems I was having relate to the vanity URL I selected. Search for me as Larry Friedman in the Chicago network. You'll see my big fat face.


Kim S said...

Glad I passed most of the tests.

Anonymous said...

Well I can pick you out of a line-up anyway.

C said...

Interesting way to filter...but great way to keep some of us blog followers curious about the responses. Regards.