Thursday, January 15, 2009

News You Can Use

FDA Starts Pilot Program for Safety of Drugs Made Outside U.S. -

This is great news for spammers. Now you'll be able to trust those internet "pharmacies" promising to deliver your important (and recreational) medicines to your door. It's probably also good news for lots of people who have a hard time paying for their medications.

COOL Shrimp Tests Baffle Authorities

Some how or another, Customs and Border Protection has developed a test to determine the country of origin of shrimp. The shrimp were declared to be from Indonesia but tested as Chinese. According to the article, the test results led to a 112% antidumping duty being applied.

2 Mexican Soldiers Stopped on U.S. Side

How exactly does one accidentally cross a bridge that is heavily guarded at 2:00 pm and end up in the middle of El Paso by accident? Oh, they were looking for help clearing some vendors off the bridge. That makes sense. How do you say GPS in Spanish?

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