Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lacey May Be Delayed

Reliable sources are telling us here at Customs Law Blog Central that enforcement of the Lacey Act Amendments will be delayed past the current December 15 schedule. Right now, we understand that the enforcement date will be April 1, 2009. Additionally, implementation may be phased in with the initial emphasis on "core" wood products such as lumber. Work is being done to determine whether an existing Fish & Wildlife database might be used to permit electronic filing of the required declarations. Lastly, debate continues over the actual and intended scope of the law and whether the relevant agencies have authority to define the scope through regulations (providing, for example, a de minimis exception).

More info is here. Note that the article linked in the previous post is 10 MB.

Remember, I am not a journalist nor am I your lawyer. This is just a rumor for now.

I will resist the urge to ask whether Cagney will be on time.

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Jim Dickeson said...

With any luck, it will be delayed until I retire.