Thursday, August 14, 2008

Survey Says . . .

Here are some of the results of my web poll about this blog.

  • 56% of you visit one to five times per month and 21% visit one to seven times per week.

  • 65% of you get here via a saved shortcut, favorite, or similar method.

  • 93% of you are customs compliance professionals. The remainder must be my family and the occasional visitor wondering about bike panniers.

  • 53% of respondents are in industry, 18% in law firms, and 15% in in-house law departments.

  • The top three areas of interest are customs law, trade law, and related litigation.

  • While a large majority find my off-topic posts to be "not a problem," a vocal minority find them annoying and a slightly larger minority apparently find them witty and charming.

  • A number of you had helpful suggestions for the Blog Roll on other useful web sites. I'll get around to adding some links. I'll admit to some hesitation to post links to direct competitors, especially without a reciprocal link. I need to work that out in my own head.

  • Happily, 62% of respondents have visited my firm's site.

  • Non-US survey responders were from Canada and the UK but about 95% were from the U.S. I find this a bit interesting because my traffic reports show visitors from all over the world. I have even had a visitor from a research station in Antarctica. This map shows the locations of my last 100 visitors:

As to things I can do better, here are a smattering of responses:

A picture of the sail boat (Thanks, Dad. See below)

Publish more frequently (I'll try)

Better follow up to earlier posts (Point taken)

More on CIT and CAFC decisions (Really?)

My work :) (That can be arranged, for an appropriate fee.)

Refueling dock at Reefpoint, Racine, Wisconsin

Where I sleep. It's not unlike of coffin.

Racing a storm into DuSable Harbor, Chicago.

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