Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Design Failure or Tech Triumph?

Where are the internet police when you need them? Where do we go to report an idea gone horribly wrong?

Search engines are the critical tool to make the internet useful. Otherwise, you'd have what is essentially a global library, an infinite jukebox, and the contents of Netflix without any way of finding that article on Mongolian Throat Singing you desperately need. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and the other search engines give you the tools to find value in the content.

So, explain this to me (click the link).

Maybe I need to fine tune my senses of irony and humor. Maybe Ms. Dewey (as in Dewey Decimal?) is just for fun. Maybe, it is a really impressive implementation of an interactive flash movie. Hmmm. As entertainment with a search engine tossed in, this site might be great.

In a customs law context, I'd say this site is a composite good classifiable by essential character. I wouldn't necessarily visit Ms. Dewey for serious research. Let's classify it as entertainment.

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