Thursday, September 14, 2006

Commercial Enforcement

Rumor has it that the new Commissioner is interested in turning up the heat on commercial enforcement. That could mean more requests for information, more audits (including the new Quick Response Audits), and more penalties. It's hard to say what is policy and what is happenstance. But, we have seen increased activity on these fronts.

Just to drive the point home a bit, here is a press release from Customs crowing about its enforcement of textile-related enforcement. This is a big deal area for CBP because it represents a significant portion of the total duties owed and U.S. textile producers are a significant and vocal presence on Capitol Hill (as are the retailers and apparel importers with diametrically opposed interests).

And, to further prove the point, Customs is announcing the creation of an Office of Trade to consolidate trade-related operations in a single office. The new office, to come into being October 15, will include functions currently held by Field Operations, Strategic Trade, and Regulations and Rulings.

Maybe Customs is thinking of tightening a noose of its own.

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rp said...

Larry this has got to be great news for the "compliance" trade community. From lawyers to brokers and compliance professionals (myself included), this should be a boon.

In my opinion, CBP has been too much focused on "security" and trade compliance has been extremely at the back seat. I don't intend to wake up a sleeping giant by the comments above, but I do feel CBP should start focusing more on trade compliance. This is more in line with Hamilton's vision for the Customs Service than "security."

Nice write up...When are you going to address one on Security? Or do you not have enough space on the blog to cover this subject?