Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bad Parenting 101

Today is Saturday, but I needed to take care of some things at work. So, I rode into the office. I am not on the Lakeshore path very much on the weekends. All I can say is "Oh, the humanity!" There are too many people to ride comfortably. Including a bunch of groups of runners in training who seem not to understand the concept of "single file." I used to be one of them. I wish I could again, but my knees disagree. Now, I just want to get them the heck of what I call "the bike path."

I was going about 16 MPH when I came upon a knot of traffic. I slowed and discovered the slow down was caused by a small boy--maybe 6 years old--on a bike with training wheels following behind his Dad. Normally, that might be cute, but in traffic it was a bit dangerous. Still, we must share the trail and do so with a smile. I did exactly that with a polite "On your left," as I passed. But, to my horror, I discovered that the Dad, who was not wearing a helmet, was carrying a small girl--maybe four--on his handle bars. She also had no helmet. Yikes.

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