Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Something Sinister on Birdwell Island

Occasionally my circumstances in life compel me to watch Clifford the Big Red Dog and its companion series Clifford's Puppy Days. Am I the only one who has pieced together the terrible tale of Clifford and his flight from the authorities?

Clifford's Puppy's Days focuses on the early life of Clifford. During this time, Clifford was a small red dog sharing an apartment in the city with Emily Elizabeth, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, and several other pets. The animals include two cats and Daffodil the rabbit. Very cozy.

According to the opening credits of Clifford the Big Red Dog, the Howards had to pack up the family and leave the city. The move seems to have been abrupt. At this point, Clifford is, as his name implies, enormous. He is the size of a house. They move to idyllic Birdwell Island. But something is missing.

Where is Daffodil? Where are the cats?

And, why is Clifford so big?

The show wants us to believe that Clifford grew so big because of the love of Emily Elizabeth. Maybe there is a secret reason that makes more sense.

I demand that the authorities on Birdwell Island ask Mr. and Mrs. Howard to account for their other pets. An inquiry needs to be undertaken to determine whether there is any connection between the disappearance of these animals and the size of Clifford "the Big Red Dog." Did the Howards pack up the family and leave the city to escape prosecution? Are they harboring a fugitive dog?

Cleo, T-Bone, and Mack, please be careful.


becketmakes5 said...

oh my god larry. what has parenthood reduced you to? philosophizing and hypothesizing about a fictious big red dog? it could be better. if you'd ever get cable, you could speculate about the really big issues of the day, like why spongebob can light campfires under the sea.

Anonymous said...

Before seeing your post, I had a theory that the family was in fact evicted from their apartment once it became evident that they were in violation of the "No Pets" clause in their lease.

You've raised some good points though... disappearing animals, gigantism, the obvious move to evade the authorities... The nail in the coffin might be if it came out that Emily Elizabeth's father worked at Los Alamos before moving (read: escaping) to Birdwell Island

Anonymous said...

did you watch the show more than once to know the oward only had clifford and the bunny the other animals were the neihbors pets not the howards and even if they were their pets cliffor got so big they couldnt afford the food for the other animals

Anonymous said...

there are cats.. two kittens. But since this original post is so old, it matters not. STILL, CLIFFORD AND B

Jennifer Wiegand said...

Where does the Running from authorities come in?

Anonymous said...

no the bunny is the howards but not the two cats they are the neighbors

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Clifford the Big Red Dog was exposed to enormous amounts of radiation and 98% of his body is actually tumor. Also, the shows ended when the owners died because of the gargantuous amount of gamma radiation that is thrown from his body.

Anonymous said...

The cats didn't belong to the Howards only the dog and rabbit did.