Monday, January 20, 2014

Customs "Aggies" Care for Macaw Rejected by Mexico

It turns out that Mexico, like the United States, does not permit the entry of live animals without proper documentation. In this case, the offender was a person who carried a macaw on a bus to Nuevo Laredo. Upon arrival, the passenger was informed that the bird would not be permitted entry. Rather than abandon the bird, the passenger walked back across the bridge to the U.S.

Upon entering the U.S., the bird ran into the same problem. As a result, it was promptly taken into custody by CBP Agricultural Inspectors. This animal story has a happy ending. The Ag Inspectors took good care of the bird until it was turned over to proper authorities so that the owner could get the proper documentation to export the bird legally to Mexico.

Here are the details.


Anonymous said...

You may want to fix typo in headline; should be "Customs"

Larry said...

Thanks for edit, Anonymous. Appreciated.