Sunday, March 17, 2013

At Last! We have solved the Kinder Egg Crisis

Since 1938, chocolate eggs molded around a toy surprise have been illegal to import into the United States. These items are deemed too dangerous for kids due to a potential choking hazard and also the toy is in direct contact with the food, which upsets the Food and Drug Administration.

Today, we are happy to announce that an entrepreneur has solved the problem of the banned Kinder Egg. Behold the Choco Treasure. Using good old American engineering know-how, the Choco Treasure satisfies both the Consumer Products Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration by encapsulating the toy in a plastic holder inside the chocolate egg, which separates when eaten to reveal the contents.

I am certain that the folks at Customs and Border Protection are happy to see this advancement in science. Every year, the agency publishes notice that the Kinder Egg is contraband and seizes many at the border.

Good going Choco Treasure. More here.

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