Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am just back from Paris. Despite being a middle aged, well educated, reasonably well traveled person, I had never been to Paris (or anywhere in France) before this trip. I had an excellent time meeting with lawyers from throughout Europe and the North America to discuss our various practice areas. As is usually the case with these things, we had interesting discussions coupled with some exceptionally good meals and a bit of seeing the sites.

I narrowly escaped an airport fiasco on the way back when I realized that I had failed to pack a bottle of wine in my checked bag. For a moment, I considered being the person in the airport you marvel at when he or she sits down to eat their smuggled sausage or when they abandon a gallon of conditioner at the security line. I blame my lack of foresight on too little sleep. A quick reshuffle of dirty clothes from the big bag to the carry on created room for the wine without undue delay to others checking in.

The locals were nothing but nice and helpful. Hence, if you think the title of this post is an anti-French slur, you are wrong. In reality, it is a reference to this article, which tells of Customs and Border Protection in Houston discovering a rare amphibian in a cargo container.

How dare you think otherwise?

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