Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's My Blogaversary

I have been at this blog for five years today. That outstrips the average blog life by a significant factor. I believe I read somewhere that the typical law-related blog (i.e., "blawg") has a life expectancy of three years, so I feel like I have accomplished something.

I recognize (and regret) that things have been slow here on the blog. That is true for a number of reasons that do not include any waning interest on my part. I have not been doing much off-topic posting, though. That means I post when customs-related things happen. And, I tend to focus on the bigger-picture items or the items that strike me a legally significant. That's why you don't find a lot of broker and logistics related information here. I assume you guys have worked out the details of how to transfer your ISF data, for example.

I am hopeful that the appointment of Commissioner Bersin will shake lose some policy changes and I am always watching the Court of International Trade and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit for cases of interest. Watch my Twitter feed to see more frequent, toss off, comments.

So, what I am trying to say is, please stick with me. I hope to make it another five years or at least as long you think this is still interesting.



Jim Dickeson, Import Export Geeks said...

Happy Blogday Larry

Anonymous said...

Hope you do make it another 5 years. Enjoy the job and your ICPA comments as well. Congrats on your last 5!

Anonymous said...

I work for a brokerage/forwarding firm and your blog is the best one on CBP law. Your posts are always interesting to read. This is a major feat considering how dry Customs matters can be. Your writing is provocative and insightful. Your style and tone are a cool drink of water in a desert full of formal, stuffy global trade law blogs. You rock.

Andrea Appell said...

Congrats on your milestone and (selfishly speaking) keep it up! I've been reading for a few years now and always find your posts both informative and entertaining.

Mr. Micawber said...

Keep on slogging away. This is a great blog, if only for Customs and 'off-topic' geeks.