Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Self Improvement

There are a number of things I wish I could do better.

1. Standing up to traffic. I watch cyclists navigate traffic. We fall into two categories: those who follow the rules in a fairly strict sense and those who shoot the half-ton motorized rapids. I am more the former than the latter. When I come to an intersection with a 4-way stop, I rarely stop. I slow, look both ways and proceed. The skilled or stupid never slow down. They seem to get to the intersection, fade a bit to the right to get into the flow of oncoming traffic, wait for a clearing, do a U-turn to get back to the intersection and go right to finish crossing. It takes just a second and is a beautiful thing to see. Only now and then do they get plastered by a minivan.

2. Stand up to Gravity. Another thing some cyclist can do is stop without ever really stopping. They creep ahead, waiting for traffic to clear or the light to change, without ever putting a foot on the ground. Often, they stop completely, cock the front wheel a bit, stand on the pedals, and wait while defying gravity. When the coast is clear, off they go. I, on the other hand, click out of the pedals at the first hint of trouble, brake, and put a foot firmly on the ground when I come to a stop. I need to go to some deserted parking lot and practice this maneuver. I am sure that will result in many tumbles to the ground.

3. Talking wine. I know what I like. I have no idea how to describe it.

4. Sail off the wind. It is relatively easy to sail close to the wind. All you have to do is haul in your sails and go like hell. It is much harder to sail in the direction you actually want to go by falling off the wind a bit and then having to think about sail trim. I'd like to practice this, but beating to the wind is much more fun than bobbing around in Lake Michigan on a broad reach or run.

I probably need to come up with bigger life goals.


Anonymous said...

Curious . . . none of your life goals has anything to do with the law.

Larry F. said...

OK, Anonymous. Maybe "life goal" is not the right term for these objectives. I have professional life goals as well. Unlike you, I am not anonymous. I am unlikely to announce to you, my partners, and the world any of the following:

1. I am i the running to be the next Commissioner of CBP.

2. I want to engineer a hostile take over of law firms in six foreign jurisdictions.

3. I want to lose a case that is so big that the client (who for some reason sticks with me) will have no choice but to let me run it all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Trust me, I have real goals in my real life.

Anonymous said...

Uhm. As to number 3, maybe you could win and let los Federales drag you to the Court...

Larry F. said...

Sarcasm: "a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark."

For those who might be as concerned as Anonymous, I have no real life goals of losing any case, in any court. The point was only to illustrate why I might not want to fully divulge real professional goals.

Maybe someone would think they are silly, and I would not want that.

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