Friday, December 29, 2017

In the Zone

At the moment, my family and I are hiding from the Chicago winter in Panama. There is no sign of winter here.

There is, however, a big canal. From my current poolside seat, I can see freighters, container ships, and tankers, lined up waiting to enter the canal on the pacific side. I am told they wait can be about 24 hours or more and that the 80 km transit can take 8 hours or more. It is very cool to see this in real life. Although I have spent my entire career dealing with supply chains, I rarely need to actually see the supply chain in action. Here, it is unavoidable.

So, off to the Miraflores locks for a closer look.

(c) 2017 LMFriedman

(c) 2017 LMFriedman

Happy new year to all of you.

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