Monday, April 25, 2011

When Does Cycling Season Start?

Here in Chicago, I am starting to see hearty souls out on their bikes. I'm not that hearty. It is still in the low 50's and has been raining, it seems, for weeks. But, I have moved my bike from the basement to the garage, so that is progress.

While I contemplate a ride to work, I also think about the danger of "dooring." Apparently, Governor Quinn has been thinking about it as well. According to an AP report, the Illinois Department of Transportation wants data on dooring incidents. One can only hope that means the government is interested in doing something to reduce the risk.

For those of you who don't know, "dooring" is the name for the dangerous accident that occurs when a cyclist crashes into an opening car door. The rider often ends up head over heels and can be severely injured. Drivers, remember to check for bikes before opening your door.

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Karin said...

It's been cycling season since the first week in February in Florida! Dooring isn't a big problem here. Our biggest problems are squirrels trying to commit suicide by throwing themselves against the front wheels of our bikes and drivers who use cyclists for target practice.

Happy Riding!