Monday, March 07, 2011

Making Headway Under CITES

The WCO is reporting good results from a transregional effort to stem the illegal trade in species protected by the Convention on the International Traffic in Endangered Species. According to the report the effort:

resulted in the seizure of more than 22 tonnes and 13 000 pieces of protected wildlife covering over 31 species, including one live monkey (“Macaca sylvanus” species), two dead monkeys (bushmeat of the Macaques species), 295 pieces of ivory (statues, jewellery, chopsticks, etc.), 57 kg of raw ivory, four rhino horns, 4 726 kg of pangolin meat, 323 seahorses, and one leopard skin.
Other products detained during the operation and still undergoing further investigation to determine their exact CITES status include: 5 300 kg of shark fins, 12 056 pieces of sea shells, 11 250 kg of sea cucumbers, 1 000 kg of eel intestines, and 50 kg of bushmeat.

Link: WCO - Press

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