Monday, August 17, 2009

Going Incognito

I'll be unbloggable for the remainder of the week. Just to make sure you miss me, I'll leave you with these bits of interesting information to discuss among yourselves.

First, I will not be doing an analysis of Depersia v. U.S. I've talked about broker license exam appeals before and there is not much to say.

Second, here is an interesting article from today's New York Times on a shake up in Mexican Customs border personnel. The intent is to fight corruption and staunch the flow of drugs (one assumes northward).

Third, everybody should read this from the Journal of Commerce. The Customs Reauthorization Act of 2009 would do more than provide funding to keep the agency running. It would go a long way toward refocusing the agency on commercial facilitation. I breathe an anticipatory sigh of relief. Among other things, the bill would create a new position of Principal Deputy Commissioner for facilitation. A different deputy commissioner would be responsible for security and non-trade enforcement. More detail is available on my firm's site. I'd give you a real link, but the Library of Congress' Thomas page appears to be down at the moment. You can follow the bill via GovTrack here. Should it come back up, the Thomas link is this.

Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

Re Depersia, just pass the test already! I don't want anyone getting a pilot's license if they fail the test "by only one question." If it's ok be one question short of passing, why not two? Three? What's the point? Study harder and pass the freaking test like the rest of us did! :-)

Anonymous II said...

This reminds me of the fact that 50% of all doctors were graduated in the bottom half of their class.

I agree with Anonymous. She could have taken the exam four more times during the period she's been yanking everyone's chains, and it would have cost her less money, too.