Monday, June 01, 2009

Counterfeits Transitting Alaska Seized in Mexico

Here's an involved story.

It seems a ship arrived in Alaska with three containers of shoes from Hong Kong headed for Guatemala and Nicaragua via Mexico.  The shoes were not to be taken from the ship in the U.S., which makes them FROB (Freight Remaining on Board).  Consequently, U.S. Customs and Border Protection had little control over them.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, however, was able to determine that the shoes were counterfeits.  The brands involved include Nike and Adidas.  ICE worked with the American Embassy in Mexico City to ensure that the three 40-foot containers of almost 29,000 shoes were seized by Mexican customs authorities when the ship arrived at Manzanillo.

There are so many quick cuts from one location to another, shady Hong Kong business dealings, and a freighter voyage involved in this story that I expect to hear that Jason Bourne jumped from one of the containers and is now making his way to Chiapas.

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