Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Holy See, Batman!

The Fish & Wildlife Service has announced the list of countries that have not properly documented their Competent Management and Scientific Authorities under the Convention on the International Traffic in Endangered Species (CITES).  As a result, CITES documentation from these countries will not be accepted.

I was somewhat bewildered to note that the Holy See is one such country.  Mainly, I wonder what endangered species might be roaming around what, at least in my mind, is a neighborhood in densely urban Rome.  The pigeon?  The rat?

No doubt the Holy See has no such species and, therefore, can justifiably ignore this requirement. But, the whole thing is odd.

So, I checked the official web site of the Holy See.  Keep in mind, I have very little practical experience with anything related to the Pope.  So, I was quite surprised to see the Pope's homepage includes a link to "Vatican Secret Archives."  I have not yet had the opportunity to browse the secrets, but I hope it includes things such as the current addresses and photos of any vampires living in my neighborhood and the most effective means of dispatching them.  Any good info on the fate of my possibly immortal soul would also be useful.


Jim Dickeson said...

That's not all, Larry. If you look at the Country Chart of the Export Administration Regulations, you will see that the Vatican City has more restrictive controls than many of our, uh, friends, for things like Chemical & Biological Weapons, Nuclear Nonproliferation, National Security, Regional Stability, and believe it or not, Crime Control.

Matt said...

The "secret archives" is the translation of "secretum archivum", or the files prepared by the secretarium to the pope or any other prince. Unlike our ex-presidents, the Vatican keeps the papers of their head of state after he leaves office (referred to elsewhere as "dying"). Nonetheless, I anxiously await a glimpse at the contents of "Archivum Secretum GeorgeBushius"