Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a Tech Post

Been a while.

Have I mentioned that I love my Zune? Last time I discussed it, I was upset about having lost mine. I subsequently replaced it and went with the 120 GB version.

The hardware is cool and works just like it should. Not really that different than an iPod once you get the hang of the touch pad.

What I really like is the software, especially since the upgrade to the new version. I have iTunes in my house. I know this might start a flame war (at least it would if I had a significant number of readers), but the Zune software interface is head and shoulders easier to manage than iTune. I am always having to fiddle with iTunes to manage podcasts manually. With my Zune, I plug it in and everything happens just they way I expect it to.

Thus, I was a little concerned when I read this morning reports that the Zune was on its way to the grave. Happily, I also read that Microsoft is committed to the product. Let's hope its true.

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Kerry Wilson said...

No way they abandon it, just saying they are planning on opening the platform to other hardware providers. This, I think, is an excellent idea and help bring some competition against Apple.