Sunday, November 02, 2008

Unintended Consequences

Warning: Off Topic

First, I am peeved at myself for taking the small chainring off my bike. I had a three-ring crank set and took the small ring off to save weight. This image will give you an idea of what I am talking about, although it is not my exact gear.

It turns out that the relatively minute amount of weight is completely unnoticeable. I would do much better trying to take 20 pounds off the saddle (if you know what I mean) than saving a few grams on the bike itself. Moreover, on those occasions when my chain jumps off the chainring, it now becomes almost hopelessly entangled in the lugs where the granny ring used to attach. It is very annoying. I know I need a new chain and that I should lubricate more often, but I still find this makes me feel very stupid. To make matters worse, I have no idea where that chainring went; so I can't replace it.

So, to avoid a similar fate, I as this question: Does anyone have experience with rigid boom kickers in lieu of a topping lift? If that question makes no sense to you, don't sweat it. But, If you know the difference between a topping lift and a downhaul and have used a boom kicker, let me know what you think. My curiosity stems from the fact that I have swapped out my main for a fully battened, loose footed version that is slightly wider aloft. That means the topping lift sometimes get stuck on the sail leach. Specific experience with a poptop Catalina 25 would be most valuable.

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Matt said...

My compliments on your willingness to even consider dropping the granny ring. Those of us over 50 are painfully aware that it is the only thing keeping us on the bike. I can add ten times that much weight with just the second helping of pasta.