Wednesday, June 04, 2008

On and Off Topic Nonesense

I have a small sailboat in Lake Michigan. It's just big enough to let me and my crew of two harbor hop up to Milwaukee or down to Chicago in fairly uncomfortable conditions. In my impractical dreams, I have a much larger boat and my harbor hopping shifts to the Caribbean.

With that in mind, click this link. It graphically tracks the travels of a 51' yacht called Event Horizon. The crew of this boat blogs here. Cool.

Somewhat related to Customs law is this news item. The article conveys the story of an attempt at smuggling cocaine pressed into the form of a Jesus statue, and I don't mean a former Cub's shortstop Ivan deJesus bobble-head. The article says CBP will test the statute to determine its purity. That seems sacrilegious to me, but I'll leave it to those of you in that camp to complain.

Next, all the stars finally aligned and I road my bike to work on Monday. The ride in was fine, if a slow 1:30 (it's 20 miles). The ride home took about the same time, but the last 5 miles or so was a serious slog. I drank about 12 ounces of Accelerade on the way home but did not do much else to prepare. I'm pretty sure I have now experienced the delayed bonk. There is way more info than you want to know, so I'll cut to the chase. By Tuesday morning, I thought I had the flu and had to go home from work early. Turns out that a four-hour nap, a PBJ, and a bottle of Gatorade fixed me right up. Looks like I need to load up on the Gu packets. And, by the way, I can't recommend Accelerade as commuter fuel. It does not dissolve as well as either PowerBar powder or GuO2 and it has a decidedly medicinal taste.

Last thing, and I ask this with honest respect for the parties involved, what's up at the Court of International Trade? Is there a surplus of paper to eat through? The last batch of customs slip opinions have all been tree-killers:

U.S. v. UPS, 48 pages
Pomeroy Collection v. U.S., 41 pages
DuPont v. U.S., 70 pages

At some point, I'll finish reading these decisions and let you know whether there is anything there of general interst.

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Matt said...

Regarding purity testing of the Jesus statue: my well-thumbed reference book ("Catholic theology for Dummies") says that the test can be performed under the circumstances, but any such testing of the Blessed Mother's statue might require three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys.