Friday, June 27, 2008

Can Lou Dobbs Define Sovereignty?

Yesterday, I dropped an angry comment on the blog in response to a Lou Dobbs video they posted there. That blog labels itself as "Exposing true rights for Americans and Canadians." The comment appears not to be making it past the moderator approval process, so I will reproduce it here. I admit that I was not clever enough to save a copy, so this will not be a verbatim recitation of that comment.

Lou Dobbs is an idiot. CNN should fire him for that report. The report focuses on whether there is in fact a road construction project known as the NAFTA superhighway. It appears to be true that there are road and rail infrastructure projects going on in Texas. There is also even a surface transport hub proposed for Kansas City. Assume that is all true. What's the problem?

Throughout the report, the title at the bottom of the screen reads, "NAFTA Superhighway: Threat to Our Sovereignty." But nothing in the report discusses sovereignty. What makes a road construction project or other infrastructure improvements a threat to sovereignty? American consumers and businesses buy merchandise produced in and imported through Mexico. The road will facilitate the freer flow of merchandise. And, it seems CNN has not noticed that the road goes in both directions. If this is a threat to sovereignty, then so is the expansion of O'Hare Airport and so is a new bridge between Windsor and Detroit. The road project does not mean that Mexican troops will be stationed in the U.S. or that Canada Post will suddenly be delivering our mail.

If your response is that I am missing the fact that the super secret SPP is behind this, I am not. The Security and Prosperity Partnership is a framework for policy discussions between North American governments. Why? Because neighboring countries talk to one another. All three governments have an interest in security and prosperity. Of course they will talk about that.

But, you say, I don't understand that this is all controlled by the evil northeastern elite at the Council on Foreign Relations. Yes it is true that the academic wonks at the CFR have written and spoken on the efficiencies and benefits of greater North American integration. Somewhere along the way, someone even came up with the notion of a unified currency: the Amero. None 0f that discussion means the U.S. is moving any closer to giving up its sovereignty.

I'm not worried. Wake me when they close the U.S. Mint.


Anonymous said...

It was protectionist attitudes or the 19th century that contributed to our world wars of the 20th century. We don't learn our history very well.

Anonymous said...

I believe Lou Dobbs also reported on the "NAFTA Superhighway" in February shortly after the article on Ron Paul. If you're counting, that's twice in four months that he's felt the need to report on this. I would have included a link, but his reports on only go back to late march.