Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ground Breaking for the NAFTA Super Highway?

This New York Times article includes a photo pf President Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Harper, and Mexican President Calderon lifting shovels of dirt. In reality, they are planting a tree in New Orleans, site of what is likely their last summit as a group before the end of the Bush administration. The article discusses Mexican and Canadian views on NAFTA and the current political and economic climate in which NAFTA has become an election issue. The picture, no doubt, will soon be buzzing around the Internet as evidence that the three leaders are continuing to work on their secret plan to merge the three countries and build a gigantic super highway through the American heartland. All of this is supposedly being done under the watchful eye of the super secret Security and Prosperity Partnership and at the direction of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The article actually shows that both Canada and Mexico are comfortable with the NAFTA as is. That means it will be very difficult for a new American president to follow through on a campaign promise to renegotiate NAFTA. The funny thing about negotiations is that all parties need to have a reason to negotiate.

John McCain, of course, seems to understand that NAFTA is not a four-letter word.

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