Friday, February 01, 2008

Page Slap

A page slap is when you reply to an e-mail message with nothing but a link to a web site. In essence, you are saying "Look at this and figure it out yourself."

I am in DC at the Georgetown International Trade and Customs Law Update. The program is going well. Items getting a lot of attentiona are zeroing and the impact of non-subject merchandise on injury determinations at the ITC. On the customs side, most of the talk during breaks is about first sale valuation.

Later today, I am speaking on prior disclosure and internal reviews.

But, I have seen a couple interesting articles in the paper. Hence, this page slap (which is not in response to an e-mail, but so what):

An Inquiry into Artifact Smuggling

Export Controls and China's Security Services

I've got a stack of cases to review, so expect something substantive soon.

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