Friday, February 29, 2008

Canada Fights Back, Costa Rica Gets Extension

Here's a page slap of a few articles on the current controversy over Barack Obama's possible, but not proven (or even likely), contacts with Canada over NAFTA. The story, which the campaign denies, is that the Senator contacted the Canadian Ambassador to assure Canada that all this negative NAFTA talk is just for purposes of the campaign. Given the talk of re-negotiating NAFTA, the Canadians have started to point out the value of U.S.-Canada trade, particularly in the energy sector.

Also below is a press release from the USTR announcing the extension of time in which Costa Rica can join CAFTA-DR.

Canada's ferocious NAFTA growl - How the World Works -

Harper Says U.S. Reopening of Nafta Would Be Mistake (Update2)

Obama Fact Check

CAFTA-DR Extension


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