Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thwarting Dr. No

Always fighting the last war, CBP has announced a U.S.-Jamaica Declaration of Principals to prevent the smuggling of radioactive and nuclear materials. As everyone of a certain age knows, the British Secret Service took care of this potential problem back in 1962 when an Agent by the name of James Bond foiled a Jamaica-based plot to interfere with American rocket launches. Assisted by CIA-Agent Felix Leiter and in the company of one Honey Rider, Bond succeeded in securing the island and preventing world domination by the evil Dr. No. Many men in matching jumpsuits were found shot to death in a multistory industrial complex conveniently hidden under a volcano.

What's next? Is the government worried that Auric Goldfinger is plotting to irradiate all the gold in Fort Knox? Calling Pussy Galore!

Just to be clear, this remains a NetNanny-safe site. Go ahead, click the link.

On the serious side, the Container Security Initiative and related programs such as this are expanding and covering more foreign ports. That is a good thing and should logically result in a net gain in overall maritime supply chain security. So, to my friends at CBP, remember, I am just kidding.

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