Monday, June 06, 2005

C'mon Blawgers: Throw Me Bone

I know more than a handful of folks have found this site via the very helpful Blawg.Org. But, no one has rated the site. I know I may live to regret this, but how about some instant feedback via ratings on Blawg.Org? Or, use the fancy new button on the right. Preferably favorable ratings, of course.

Also, I'll take requests for posts on a specific topic as well (mindful of the Important Disclaimer at the top of this page).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your site. Like it a lot - nice and informal (I suppose that is what blogs are supposed to be, but it is nice to see customs law combined wiht that).

As a bicycle commuter (for more than 30 years) myself, I appreciate the comments on bicycling. I just had my 20-year and some bicycle stolen, so got to buy a new one "handcrafted in America" according to the label. Assuming that the FTC is on the ball, that should mean that Cannondale is actually producing something in the U.S.

I will continue to watch your blog site, more for entertainment than professional reasons (although it does help to have access to an informal explanation about something like International Trading Co.).